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abount Suizenji Park

Suizenji Park is a traditional Japanese garden and located at Suizenji in Kumamoto City, Japan.

This garden was created by Hosokawa clan from 1636.

The layout of the garden represents the 53 Stations of the old Tokaido highway from Kyoto to Tokyo. 

This park has 2 names.

  • Suizenji Kôen (Suizenji Park) 水前寺公園 ※popular name
  • Suizenji Jôju-en 水前寺成趣園 ※formal name

The garden contains an instantly recognizable, miniature Mt. Fuji and Lake Biwa, Izumi Shrine (dedicated to the ancestors of the Hosokawa clan), an Inari Shrine, a Noh stage (with Noh performances in spring and fall), a statue of the garden's creator Tadatoshi Hosokawa and a classical teahouse, the Kokin Denju-no-ma, moved here in 1912 from Kyoto's Imperial Palace.

Quotation "Japan Visitor"

Kokin Denju-no-ma 古今伝授の間

In the Taisho Period, 1912, the Kokin Denju-no-ma where Prince Hachijônomiya received the Kokin Denju from Yûsai was moved to the Suizenji Jojuen Garden built by Tadatoshi Hosokawa, a grandson of Yûsai who became lord of Kumamoto domain.

Now in this house you can drink a cup of powdered green tea "Maccha" and eat a dumpling "Dango".

Yearly Event

The whole area of Suizenji Park is Izumi shrine gardens.


Spring festival  春季祭典(Shunki Saiten)

22~24 Apr. every year [3 days] 


the Takeda school of Horseback Archery 

武田流 騎射 流鏑馬(Takedaryû Kisha Yabusame) 

Tea Tribute Ceremony ※only the persons concerned

献茶式(Kencha Shiki) 



Summer Festival  夏祭(Ka sai) 

First Saturday Aug. every year [1 day]


torchlight performance of noh

薪能(Takigi Noh)

musical accompaniment

舞囃子(Mai Bayashi)

a Noh dance performed in formal attire instead of a costume and without instrumental accompaniment


Autumn grand festival 秋季大祭(shuki taisai)

17~20 Oct. every year [3or4 days]


the Takeda school of Horseback Archery

武田流 騎射 流鏑馬(Takedaryû Kisha Yabusame)

Tea Tribute Ceremony ※only the persons concerned

献茶式(Kencha Shiki)


Matters that require attention about Yabusame (Archery on horseback)

When you take a photograph with camera, please don't use a flash



Tickets Adults Children
Individual ticket 400yen 200yen
Group (30 or more) 360yen 180yen
Person who has the Certificate for the Physically
Disabled (Shintai Shogaisha Techo)
200yen 100yen

※ A wheelchaired person can visit this park(One wheelchair can be rented at entrance and the person can use restroom with wheelchair.) 

※For 1~3 January, admission free! 


Month 3~11 12~2 1 January,
Open 7:00~18:00 8:30~17:00 31 Dec. 11:00~
Last enter until 17:30 until 16:30                      ―